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On October 3, 2005, Tom and I took a trip to French Lick to keep our first appointment with the new management of the historical resort hotel that was still under renovation. At our initial meeting we shared our enthusiasm and our desire to bring the Wright Brothers and our show to our hometown.

We kept the long awaited appointment that day and we shared our enthusiasm and our desire to bring The Wright Brothers and our show to French Lick, our hometown. The soon to be refurbished hotel seemed to be the perfect place in Indiana to showcase our band. We proposed several ideas to the management that day, and one of those ideas was to perform a live radio show from the hotel. The idea of doing a radio show had been in the back of our minds ever since we first heard Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, broadcast from St. Paul Minnesota, where we also had a pretty big following. This style of radio show seemed to be the same mix of music and comedy that we performed; bluegrass, country, old rock ‘n’ roll songs, with a tinge of gospel, and some down home humor. The following February we recorded a pilot show to “sell” the idea of doing the radio show to the French Lick Resort folks. It worked, and the “Hoosier Jubilee” was on its way to becoming a reality. We performed the first show on April 1, 2007, a year and a half after our first meeting with the hotel management.

Something else occurred just after midnight on October 3, 2005. Our father passed away after a long struggle with cancer. As a young man he had sung at the hotel and he was so excited about the possibilities of his sons, and their band getting to play music back in our family’s hometown. Although dad had left us physically, we knew he was right beside us as we kept the appointment the next morning after he’d passed. This timing made for a very surreal experience that morning, to be walking around our hometown, the dearest place on earth to dad.

When he realized that he didn’t have long, he had told us several times that when he got to Heaven, he’d put in a good word for us. I think he must have, and at times when we’re harmonizing on one of them old cowboy songs, I’m sure I can hear his voice chiming in!

These songs are from the live show that was broadcast throughout Indiana and the Midwest. We hope you'll enjoy this sampling from our radio show and experience our “Hoosier Jubilee.”


Special thanks to Mark Bomaritto, Chris Leininger, Jim Hansen, and Al Stone.


Michael Clark - guitars, banjo, pedal steel guitar, arranger: “Bobbie Sue”; John McDowell - bass guitar, vocals; Bryan Chrisman - drums; Keith Claghorn - keyboards, vocals, mix down engineer, Greg Anderson - keyboards; TomWright - Writer, MC, rhythm guitar, vocals; Tim Wright - guitars, banjo, pedal steel, vocals; Frank Bradford - keyboards, electric guitar, vocals; Jeff Gurnsey - Fiddle; Karen Irwin - actress, vocals; John Branyon - writer, comedian; Hank McGill - writer; Al Stone - announcer, director; James Nye - live sound technician; Jeff Leiber - recording sound technician; Emily Wright Gosser - vocals; Lauren Wright Bower - vocals.

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